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Sal & Samson go on the road to Arcade Expo 3.0 and a wild Laura of DEATHstination™ appears! We interview the walking talking Internet Pinball Database herself Imoto Arcade! Plus a bonus interview with Nico of the vg metal band - Super MADNES! The Museum of Pinball hosts Arcade Expo each year, with over 1,100(and growing) combined pinball and arcade machines on free play for 3 straight days, in the middle of nowhere (Banning, CA - a.k.a. Bumshart Nebrafornia). Trust us when we say this is retro barcade heaven.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

GUESTS: Imoto Arcade, Nico of Super MadNES

GUEST HOST: Laura of DEATHstination™

Music: n8bit , Super MadNES

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Arcade Expo with IMOTO ARCADE

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