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The first ever Listener run episode! We discuss Bears, Dicks and Mass Effect Andromeda. Thank you Chris & Cory of More Gooder Than Podcast, Domenick of General Failure Podcast, and prem5410 of Instagram!


Chris - Ok, question time! 
Mass Effect Andromeda comes out next month. If they keep the classes the same, what class will you be? I'm a vanguard man myself

Domenick Questions:

1) which host has the biggest shlong? I bet it's Cat. 

2) what are your predictions for 2017 game of the year? With Mass Effect, Zelda, Horizon, and possibly Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out what gets GOTY

3) what's each of your all time favorite movie?
Cory Question: What kind of bear is best?
prem5410 The twitchy play of many interesting games and my age don't go together. I feel inadequate in my recent purchase on PS4, For Honor.
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