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Recorded on-site at Bottle Logic during the WEEK OF LOGIC 2017! The nerds get the amazing opportunity to interview one of the founders of Bottle logic - Brandon, a brewer - Greg, and Sean "OGtay" of OTR podcast, Bottle Logic's #1 fan! We talk about craft beer, video games, and drunken video game characters in the catacombs of our favorite OC Brewery, Bottle Logic! Recorded on Day 3 of the Week of Logic, we taste the sneak peak of "Fundamental Summation" a collaboration with 3 Sons Brewing co., aged 8 months in bourbon barrels, with Madagascar vanilla beans and Jamaican Blue Coffee.

HOSTS: Cat McGuireDevin SteeleSamson Lancaster

GUESTS: Brandon Buckner, Founder + Brand Manager - Bottle Logic / Greg, Brewer - Bottle Logic / Sean "OGtay" Taylor of Off The Rails Podcast & Talking Hops

Music: n8bit 

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STR CAST 80: Bottle Logic - WEEK OF LOGIC 2017

Category:Video Games -- posted at: 7:38am PST