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"Strength in Gaming are real gamers. We've burst from the womb with dice in one hand, a tit in the other, and the glow of bits in our eyes. We are here to tell it like it is, no bullshit, just the fucking truth. This is Strength in Gaming!"

HOSTS: Cat McGuireSalvador Madrigal, Eddie Vargas, Samson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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What we've been playing:
Cat's Halloween Costumes
DJ-ing a.k.a. Female Masturbation
Bizcochos, Tamales
Painting D&D Miniatures
Enter the Gungeon
Raging Red Onion plays RUST
Red Dead Redemption 2


Konami will be disabling P.T. with update
Smash Brothers update Nintendo Direct
Monster Hunter Movie
Red Dead Redemption 2 Release
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