STR CAST | Video Game Podcast for Adults (Strength Cast)

Special Guest Host: Andrew Spike Lancaster argues his views of Last of Us with SPOILERS, while Samson decompresses from it. Brian talks GTA V Online and PS4 News, while Sal sells Arkham Oranges on a street corner.

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On this special spooktacular STR CAST The Nerds discuss Spoooooooky Games and reveal a horrifying Mystery Trailer!

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Special Guest Host Bobby Perez and the Nerds discuss GTA V, Diablo III and Brian reveals a mystery game trailer. Parental Advisory: Strong Sexual Language.

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Special Guest Host: Eddie Vargas & the Nerds discuss: Mighty No. 9, Poker Night 2, Borderlands 2, Brian talks serious Pinball and Samson confesses his MMO Sins. 

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Pilot - 01

On the first ever STR CAST, We discuss: The Last of Us, Reaper of Souls, Shitty Games, F2P Games & More! 

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