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Samson here, I thought I would share this, from our #1 fan in the Canadias; in response to our latest episodes ("Indie" Game Devs - 83 & Dex +4).
Dex +5 will be dedicated to this email:

"Thanks for a great podcast, again. After listening to your latest antics, including mics breaking shot glasses I realized how old and tired I am. Let me explain.

My gaming started around late 80 and became a serious threat to my education when I played Warlords and Eye of the Beholder on Amiga. I quickly realized it will be hard to come back to Talisman and other board games as back in the day I lived in Poland and it was easier to find an illegal copy of a PC game than to find an illegal copy of a board game. I went to university in '92 and then year later migrated to Canada to continue my university education there.

Little did I know, Doom was about to land in my life and replace school as my main interest. The attack on school continued with multi user dungeon text based games such as M.U.M.E. Then I played Meridian 59 and finally Ultima Online.

Now the sad part. Everything I have played since MUME and Ultima Online has gradually descended into the shit we are being presented with now, also called games.
Long and hard has been the road to recovery on my part. As much as I enjoyed the worlds of Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, Eve Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and countless others my dislike for the marriage of whole gaming development and publishing business began to grow.

I started to notice the deficiencies, early on that could be blamed on emerging companies' inexperience, but soon it became clear it was more than that. It was simply greed. Someone realized games can be profitable. Games don't need to be developed by shy nerds who need to realize themselves in the eyes of their peers. With that, a thought came that good times are nothing but a fleeting moment and for more pleasure one needs to dig deeper into his pocket.

I applaud your energy on the subject of the descent of gaming into the shit hole it is now. I agree wholeheartedly with you and Mr. Madrigal on the reasons why it is so. The unwashed and uneducated masses can have no clue as to the quality of the old games. How would they if they never played such gems as Ghost Recon in 2001 or Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear in late '90s? What would they think of COD and other shooters if they played the original PlanetSide?

I used to get mad and preach on the subject of this descent. I used to debate with younger players the finer points of gaming, the intensity and the rush of adrenaline in full loot games, but since the huge success of World of Warcraft I realized that there are more care bears in the world than players like me. It's the norm to have quest markers, neatly outlined areas and cross-hairs on quest targets. Reading is not required, people don't take chances and generally don't like to dig for answers. It's just easier in the world of micro-transactions. It's faster and cleaner.

I gave up the fight, I'm no Don Quixote, but I want to pass along the passion for gaming to younger generations and I applaud you and your podcast for doing the same.

"Prem" a.k.a. many other names.

P.S. tell Sal that the first first-person MMORPG wasn't EverQuest, but Meridian 59."

Responses -

Devin Steele - "That's why I love Dark Souls and Bloodborne so much. It's guilty of some debauchery (aka DS1's true final boss being in a dlc) but overall its a refreshing departure from the AAA game bullshit."

Jack Acebedo - "That's why I love Overwatch. No DLC at all, and the things you have to pay for are not necessary at all. It's a really smart business model because it insures that people will keep interest in the game and it's a blast to play if you're playing alone or with some buddies"

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In this episode, we discuss the cost of being Published as a AAA game and what it means to be "Indie". Really we just want you to self publish your shit so the industry can get away from this AAA cookie cutter syndrome BS! This discussion got intense, so intense that during "Farts, C*nts & Star Citizen - Dex +4" Samson's mic tries to murder Sal, but he was saved by his pint glass. We also apologize for the audio quality of the second segment, technical difficulties ensued.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

GUEST HOSTS: "best" "friends" Rudy Elizarraras & Brian Lovell

Music: n8bit 

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Mid Dex bonus a mic tries to kill Sal, enjoy!

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Sal and Samson review Idea Factory's "Monster Monpiece" PS Vita Port to Steam (PC). Video Game News: Microsoft Scorpio Specs, Mass Effect Andromeda issues addressed, WHY YOU NEED A VPN, Destiny 2, Riot Games wants to put VoIP into LoL, and Sal gets Peter Molyneux'd so hard.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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prem5410 of Instagram writes: Who's your favourite gaming related journalist / presenter? #questions #podcast |||| Also, another question: who's dick needs to be sucked to finally have another Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines sequel and S.T.A.L.K.E.R sequel. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. My life is running out. #questions #podcast ||||| MOFOKAS play Magic?! Now you HAVE TO MAKE A PODCAST ABOUT IT OR I WON'T STOP COMMENTING IN CAPS! From the depths of the basement I just dug out my binders fuuull of cards. Still trying to find my collection of Scrye and The Duelist. Nostalgia is tugging on my Jester's Cap.

LAURA of Deathstination writes: Segment Idea = explain things to a non-gamer ||||| Segment Idea #2 = on air game play of Secret Hitler
Dave The Klone of Hollow9ine Network writes: If there was one video game you could live in the world of, what game would it be, and what would your role in that world be? Would you be the main protagonist? Would you be the villain? Would you be just a random person trying to make their way? (I know life in Vice City was never the same once that guy who sounded like Ray Liota showed up.)
Jack Acebedo writes: Will the torment ever stop?
Chris of More Gooder Than Podcast writes: What fictional weapon do you want in your hands right now?
Chanel Assassin writes: Which video game deserves a live action movie and which actor/ actress would you cast as the main character?
Sarywen Chaos writes: Favorite wine? Like merlot, ice wine, white zinfadel. Brand year and type preferred. Because wine is life \\\\ 
And if you're all techies. Favorite language and why? (programming)
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Sal & Samson go on the road to Arcade Expo 3.0 and a wild Laura of DEATHstination™ appears! We interview the walking talking Internet Pinball Database herself Imoto Arcade! Plus a bonus interview with Nico of the vg metal band - Super MADNES! The Museum of Pinball hosts Arcade Expo each year, with over 1,100(and growing) combined pinball and arcade machines on free play for 3 straight days, in the middle of nowhere (Banning, CA - a.k.a. Bumshart Nebrafornia). Trust us when we say this is retro barcade heaven.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

GUESTS: Imoto Arcade, Nico of Super MadNES

GUEST HOST: Laura of DEATHstination™

Music: n8bit , Super MadNES

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Arcade Expo with IMOTO ARCADE

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Recorded on-site at Bottle Logic during the WEEK OF LOGIC 2017! The nerds get the amazing opportunity to interview one of the founders of Bottle logic - Brandon, a brewer - Greg, and Sean "OGtay" of OTR podcast, Bottle Logic's #1 fan! We talk about craft beer, video games, and drunken video game characters in the catacombs of our favorite OC Brewery, Bottle Logic! Recorded on Day 3 of the Week of Logic, we taste the sneak peak of "Fundamental Summation" a collaboration with 3 Sons Brewing co., aged 8 months in bourbon barrels, with Madagascar vanilla beans and Jamaican Blue Coffee.

HOSTS: Cat McGuireDevin SteeleSamson Lancaster

GUESTS: Brandon Buckner, Founder + Brand Manager - Bottle Logic / Greg, Brewer - Bottle Logic / Sean "OGtay" Taylor of Off The Rails Podcast & Talking Hops

Music: n8bit 

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STR CAST 80: Bottle Logic - WEEK OF LOGIC 2017

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Another of Spike's brilliant tails of wonder and excitement, at one point we have to battle a fantastic beast. All while Spike regales us with the tail of the legendary Unicorn Dildo.

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From Top Gun to Total Recall, the nerds discuss the worst movie games with special guest Dave "The Klone" of Hollow9ine Network. Also the SWITCH be broke, TWITCH be selling games, and STR CAST will be at Bottle Logic Brewing Tuesday March 21st during the Week of Logic!

HOSTS: Devin Steele, Spike LancasterSamson Lancaster

GUEST: Dave "The Klone" of Hollow9ine Network

Music: n8bit 

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Movie quotes, birds and bees, peanut butter, THE DOOR LOCKS!!!!


Chris of More Gooder Than Podcast writes - What movie can you guys quote the most of by heart?

Our own Jack Acebedo  writes - Where do babies come from?
Cody of Rogue Suqadron Podcast writes - Why do PCs suck so bad, and why do you still use them |||||| Disney peeps said they saw a minute or two of The Last Jedi footage, in which Luke turns to Rey and asks "Who are you?" 

Any thoughts on what this means for Rey's lineage? I still think she's a Skywalker, so is this perhaps a memory wipe or amnesia situation?

Hayden creator of StarLicker & Tilewild writes - Is the Nintendo Switch shortage real or a marketing stunt?|||||| What is the best unit in Broodwar? |||||| And why don't they make videogames like they used to?
Noah of Off The Rails Podcast writes -  If someone asked you to make them a peanut butter sandwich and you couldn’t ask any follow-up questions AND you genuinely wanted to give them what they want, would you put jelly on that sandwich?
CJ of General Failure Podcast writes -  What was your goto sunday morning cartoon breakfast and what show were you watching? |||| Dom comments: Sunday? You mean Saturday who watches cartoons on Sunday? That's the lords day. |||| CJ: Oh right. My bad...|||||| New question: Why is Domenick an asshole to me every day of my life and what can I do to improve on our friendship?
Johnny aka OnePunkarmy writes -
Comments on recently released games:
- Zelda: BotW
- 1 2 Switch
- NieR: Automata
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Hollow Knight
... and more if you know of anymore worth mentioning
TJ of General Failure Podcast writes -  So what have been your favorite moments on the podcast?
Domenick of General Failure Podcast writes - 
If you could request a full HD remake of any game from your childhood, what game would it be? Include anything you'd ask for (like online multiplayer if it could have that, or extra modes, etc.)
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