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Strength in Gaming - Video Game Podcast

Strength in Gaming Video Game Podcast for Adults

Strength in gaming are real gamers, nerds who have gamed their entire lives. Beings who exploded from American vaginas with dice in one hand, a tit in the other, and the glow of bits in their eyes. These are the men and women who close their eyes at dawn. This is Strength in Gaming.

Mar 21, 2018

The nerds are back at Arcade Expo 4.0! So many pinballs and arcades, so little time. We got Nico of SuperMadNES and THE Richie Kunckelz! Richie comments on the recent high score controversy with his best bud Billy Mitchell. Nico and SuperMadNES bring the video game metal thunder! It was nearing absolute zero in the high desert in Banning, CA; the nerds risked their lives to bring you this episode. The only thing that kept us from freezing to death was whiskey, weed and funnel cake.

GUESTS: Richie Knucklez of the KONG OFF and Nico Saavedra of SuperMadNES

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalEddie Vargas,  Samson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski)

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