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Strength in Gaming - Video Game Podcast

Strength in Gaming Video Game Podcast for Adults

Strength in gaming are real gamers, nerds who have gamed their entire lives. Beings who exploded from American vaginas with dice in one hand, a tit in the other, and the glow of bits in their eyes. These are the men and women who close their eyes at dawn. This is Strength in Gaming.

May 7, 2019


From Witcher to Whisper, LA Native, Actor, Writer, Artist and host of Pangeekery podcast,  Jenapher Zheng joins us for this installment of Celebrity gamer! We dive deep into her gaming interests and interactive theater creations! We see a Strength in Gaming Mahjong tournament in our future!


HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster 

Music: n8bit 

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Jenapher's Bio:

Jenapher Zheng is an actor, writer, and multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. She is an exuberant personality with an insatiable desire to create. At CalArts, she trained intensively in various schools of acting- along with vocal and physical technique- to earn her conservatory degree. Her skills include singing, playing the piano, physical theatre, character voices, speaking fluent Mandarin, and playing video games. A few acting credits include Sylvie the Cat in "Kentucky" at the East West Players, Ama Miyuki in the workshop of "Tokyo Fish Story" at South Coast Rep, and Alex in "The Misanthrope" directed by DIane Rodriguez of Center Theatre Group. She frequently acts for film and for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where her productions have won awards each year. Every day, she holds to her personal motto, "Excelsior", which means "ever upward".- IMDb Mini Biography By: Jenapher Zheng

Interview Questions by category: 

-------- VIDEO GAMES

Your preferred video game genre? FPS, RTS, RPG etc.

What is a video game you are currently obsessed with?

What's the one video game you find yourself playing over and over again?

Who would you consider your top three female leads in video games?

 If you could be a video game character in real life, no restrictions who would it be?

What game has had the best single player experience for you thus far?

 -------------  Acting / Writing

What do you like most about Interactive Theatre?

Who is your inspiration for acting / writing?

Oblivous what was your experience creating your own interactive theater show?

---------------- Cosplay

Are you working on any Cosplay now?What is one Cosplay you would really like to do?

-----------------  Current / Upcoming PROJECTS

Pangeekery; did you know any of the hosts / crew before the shows inception?

Speaking of Pangeekery, who is the best Karaoke?

-----------------  RANDOM

(time permitting / curve-balls) What is your Power Karaoke song?

Have you seen AggretsukoWhat is your Pottermore House?

 Star Wars or Star Trek?

----------- PLUG Before ending, we will be sure to give ample time to plug latest or current projects, events, notable appearances etc.