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We promise that there is E3 News in this Podcast. You just need to wade through the first segment. E3 2014 #FTW

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalBrian AcebedoSamson Lancaster & Eddie Vargas
Music: n8bit

Poster Design: Eddie Vargas / Samson Lancaster
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Ep19 E3 Extravaganza

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In this educational episode, The Nerds can fly twice as high: Wolfenstein, Watchdogs, Devil May Cry, Walking Dead Ep3, Civ 5, and we read a book (Console Wars)! Oh, also more D3 ... sorry.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalBrian Acebedo & Samson Lancaster
Music: n8bit

Poster Layout: Eddie Vargas / Samson Lancaster
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STR CAST EP 18 Poster

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