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In This Otaku Episode, The Nerds Discuss: GAMESCOM NEWS! Also - Fez, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Proteus & various Japanese Sex Games!

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalBrian AcebedoSamson Lancaster , & Emory D Williams
Music: n8bit

Poster Design: Eddie Vargas / Samson Lancaster
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Gamescom 2014 Episode 22

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In This Neckbearded Episode, The Nerds Discuss: Destiny BETA, Comic-Con, Gam3rCon Voice Over Panel, Child of Light, Path of Exile, and much more!

Gam3rCon VO Panel: Erin Fitzgerald (Chie Persona 4), Eliza Jane (Rebecca Crane Assassin’s Creed), & Fred Tatasciore (Seran Mass Effect, Baird Gears of War, The HULK, Zeratul SC2).

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalBrian AcebedoSamson Lancaster 
Music: n8bit

Poster Design: Eddie Vargas / Samson Lancaster
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Ep21 The Cons

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