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Cat & her new friend Harold talk about Pokemon Sun & Moon announcement.

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Casual conversation with Devin & Samson about: Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Diablo + Fallout.

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We reveal our Video Game Crushes, STR CAST get's its first Patron plus sad news for BioWare and Dragon Age.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalDevin SteeleSamson Lancaster

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A casual conversation wtih Kyle about: WoW Legion, Kerbal & No Man's Sky

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Pre-show pizza discussion: Goths, Dragon Age, LotR and Cat's Dad

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EA Releases Console Sales, Diablo III Patch 2.4, Conan Exiles trailer, Words and Monsters news and the Games we are looking forward to in 2016!

HOSTS: Cat McGuireSalvador Madrigal,  Devin SteeleSamson Lancaster

Music: n8bit

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