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Dick Tattoos, Mona Lisa on Spike's Ass, Siri weighs in, White Knuckling Dicks, The Meat Gazer at the Faire, The Nut Clacker, The Bawl Peen Hammer, The Melon Bawler, The Gym Sausage & Whirpool, The Vault Sploosh 

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Friday The 13th Gameplay Trailer, Pokemon Sun & Moon Starters, COD Trailer, Battlefield Announcements, Star Trek Online to PS4, Disney Infinity Canceled, Fallout 4 Far Harbor + Shits and giggles. (Devin, Spike, Sal, Samson)

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Devin and Samson talk about COD trailer, and BldBrn

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Sal & Sam "interview" Laura Lockwood A.K.A. Camille Sepuggo; the woman of many voices, including our commercials. Plus video game news: Call of Duty MWF Remaster, Nostalrius vanilla WoW server shutdown and much more.

GUEST: Laura Lockwood

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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