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Mid Dex bonus a mic tries to kill Sal, enjoy!

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Sal and Samson review Idea Factory's "Monster Monpiece" PS Vita Port to Steam (PC). Video Game News: Microsoft Scorpio Specs, Mass Effect Andromeda issues addressed, WHY YOU NEED A VPN, Destiny 2, Riot Games wants to put VoIP into LoL, and Sal gets Peter Molyneux'd so hard.

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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prem5410 of Instagram writes: Who's your favourite gaming related journalist / presenter? #questions #podcast |||| Also, another question: who's dick needs to be sucked to finally have another Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines sequel and S.T.A.L.K.E.R sequel. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. My life is running out. #questions #podcast ||||| MOFOKAS play Magic?! Now you HAVE TO MAKE A PODCAST ABOUT IT OR I WON'T STOP COMMENTING IN CAPS! From the depths of the basement I just dug out my binders fuuull of cards. Still trying to find my collection of Scrye and The Duelist. Nostalgia is tugging on my Jester's Cap.

LAURA of Deathstination writes: Segment Idea = explain things to a non-gamer ||||| Segment Idea #2 = on air game play of Secret Hitler
Dave The Klone of Hollow9ine Network writes: If there was one video game you could live in the world of, what game would it be, and what would your role in that world be? Would you be the main protagonist? Would you be the villain? Would you be just a random person trying to make their way? (I know life in Vice City was never the same once that guy who sounded like Ray Liota showed up.)
Jack Acebedo writes: Will the torment ever stop?
Chris of More Gooder Than Podcast writes: What fictional weapon do you want in your hands right now?
Chanel Assassin writes: Which video game deserves a live action movie and which actor/ actress would you cast as the main character?
Sarywen Chaos writes: Favorite wine? Like merlot, ice wine, white zinfadel. Brand year and type preferred. Because wine is life \\\\ 
And if you're all techies. Favorite language and why? (programming)
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