STR CAST | Video Game Podcast for Adults (Strength Cast)

Sal & Samson Walk-Through Some of The Best Moments in STR CAST History

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal & Samson Lancaster

Music: n8bit

Episode Audio included:
Last of Fuss EP5VG Music Challenge EP10The Man Behind The Music EP12Tootsie Roll & The Grummace EP23The Game That Shall Not Be Named EP24VG Music with Christodoulou EP29MMO on Console EP34Dungeons & Dragons EP37NEWS Update EP40

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The Nerds Catch up on the Latest Gaming News, ESPN Airs Video Game, Silent Hill Canceled, Marvel Partners with Telltale and much more!

HOSTS: Brian "Bubba" AcebedoSalvador Madrigal & Samson Lancaster

Music: n8bit


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