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In this MINECRAFTED episode, Jack, Ricardo & the nerds discuss: Minecraft, Mirrors Edge, Castle Crashers, Destiny, Monster Hunter and much more...

HOSTS: Brian AcebedoSalvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

Guest Hosts: Jack & Ricardo

Music: n8bit

Shout Outs: Brandi of GamersTable Podcast

EP 33

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Heather & Mariah Join STR CAST for the First Time!
Topics: WWE Immortals, Unmechanical: Extended, Rogue Legacy, Transistor, Hearthstone, #GamerGate

HOSTS: Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster 

Guest Hosts: Heather Lancaster, Mariah Kenyon, Bobby Perez

Music: n8bit

Shout Outs: Bobby's Music,  Off The Rails Podcast


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