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Bubba is back! The Nerds Discuss: WWE2k, Peggle 2, Swapper, Diablo 3 (2.1.2), FFXIV A Realm Reborn, Hearthstone & Nintendo Direct 2015.

HOSTS: Brian Acebedo,  Salvador MadrigalSamson Lancaster

Music: n8bit

Shout Outs: Off The Rails PodcastCarl "MuthaFuckin" HoutzRaptor Jack Acebedo

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Special Guest Host Caitlin McGuire discusses Pokemon ORAS with the nerds.

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Emory D. Williams, Samson Lancaster

Guest Host: Caitlin McGuire
Music: n8bit

Shout Outs: 30th "Anniversary" STR CAST Animated

STR CAST 30 Poster

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