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The Nerds review Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force and discuss E3 2017 announcements: Monster Hunter PS4, Evil Within 2, Devolver Conference & Controversy, Vampyr, A way out, Anthem, Call of Cthulhu, Code vein, Battletech, Cuphead gets release date, Days Gone, Destiny 2, Detroit: Become Human, Dragon Ball 2 Fighters, Fortnite, God of War. Samson has some fun E3 stories from working the Extra-Life booth this year, "T-Rex Rape", "The Ring of Despair"and much more!

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Devin Steele, Samson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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Chris of More Gooder Than Podcast - If you could be a Power Ranger or a Voltron Paladin, which would you choose?

Prem- The best Star Wars themed game? Mine is Star Wars Galaxies.

Jack Acebedo - If you have sex with a clone of you, is it gay or is it masturbation?

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Cat's Quiz Corner III with special guest Domenick Scolpini of General Failure Podcast. Sit back and listen to us blunder up another quiz. NEWS: FF7 remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 get pushed back again, Prompto's Story coming soon, Far Cry 5 villains are too white and pseudo christian??? Please SEND NOOJ

GUEST HOST: Domenick Scolpini of General Failure Podcast

HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Devin Steele, Jack AcebedoSamson Lancaster

Music: n8bit 

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After that long and painful tirade last email, I'd like to introduce myself better this time and have more positive take on games. Just to clarify, I'm not some antisocial hermit who hates the present and lives in the past.
Age: 44
Race: humanoid
Alignment: lawful evil
Class: mix of Rogue/thief and Necromancer
Country of origin: Poland
Country of choice: Canada
Favourite pastimes: playing games, getting drunk, trolling
Now that introduction has been made I wold like to post a question for you to consider.
If you had a choice of grinding in mmos would you rather get skills/spells by grinding (i.e. Darkfall, Ultima Online) or grind for skills with experience points and levels? In other words would you rather have a defined character class by the skills you use most or pick a class at the beginning and grind levels?
Prem aka Souljamon aka Zarny
P.s. tell hot Cat that I don't watch Canada's Worst Driver, but Canadians are known for their self-deprecating comedy. Many well known standup comedians are Canadian and we have the best comedy festival in the world: Just for Laughs. That's pretty much the only useful thing to come out of Quebec.
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